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SS | Chiu by Siripikan

How supremely appropriate to the current Christmas season! A perfect Chinese approach to the feelings of Christmas, with the red color and red lanterns and candles, all signifying joy and happiness! There is so much peace in the look of Chiu herself, and you reminded her in the description by the Taijitu symbol (Yin-Yang symbol) that dualities pervade life, and that light would not be possible without darkness, good impossible without bad, etc. The sakura-blossoms present there speak a bit to that too, and help a person know that all things must pass....
You worried about asymmetry, and anatomy--in this style of drawing, the symbols and the feeling trump accurate anatomy (and the anatomy here is fine, if simplified) and her head is fine! The presence of her spirit-pets is certainly reassuring too, and adds to this piece's whole feeling of happiness and peace.
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Siripikan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you so much, Manful!
I owe you words ( ;; v ;; ) Thank you so much for this~
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